Pivot: The Art of Fashion brings art and fashion together with custom tailored events and innovative collaborations.  Expect the unexpected when artist’s creations transcend the imagination and designer’s collections awe the crowd and blur the lines between fashion and art. We work with our artists and designers to help them express their vision, collaborate, build community and move forward with runway performances, workshops, exhibitions and  the Pivot Designer's Market.

Each runway show features a surprising and delightfully diverse mix of age, gender, size, ethnicity and sexual orientation/identification – inspiring a broad range of what defines beauty and who might wear exquisite and interesting clothing.

Everyday each of us makes a decision on what we’ll wear and this expression of self through our choice of apparel is an art form we can identify with. This common language makes this art form more accessible to diverse audiences who might not ordinarily attend an art exhibit or visit a museum. With our custom-tailored events, emphasizing the Slow Fashion movement and outlandish creativity of our participating artists, the audience may rethink how and where they buy their clothes and artwork.

Pivot promotes “Slow Fashion” – a more sustainable trend in fashion, and we strive to educate consumers about the environmental impact of the mass production of expendable clothing. Slow Fashion is an approach to fashion that considers the processes and resources required to make clothing. Our goal is to be champions of this movement and to educate consumers about the "fast fashion" shopping culture we live in, which encourages us to buy clothes that are low cost, poorly made, with materials that have a short lifespan, and keeps us on a treadmill of consume, discard, repeat – all at great cost to our planet.

We strive to educate consumers during our fashion shows and at the Pivot: Designer’s Market, as well as through articles and interviews, online marketing, social media and our website regarding the appeal of Slow Fashion for us, as individuals, and for our planet. Our designers' work exemplifies artistry, engineering and craftsmanship and is a testament to quality over quantity. By engaging our audiences, firing them up and sharing our passion, we believe, we will see a marked increase in how we shop and what we wear.



Pivot: The Art of Fashion is a sponsored project of the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County

Tina Brown

Tina Brown is a personal clothing stylist and blogger who was born and raised in Santa Cruz. With a B.S. in Environmental Design from UC Davis, her studies emphasized clothing as an environment for the body, not solely fashion. She interned with a French milliner in San Francisco and worked at Britex Fabrics where she took her first consignment making hats for a major runway event for Macy’s. Tina went on to work for the next ten years on fashion photo shoots and runway events in San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles. Some of her clients included Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Giorgio Armani. Her credits also include movie set costume stylist, and makeovers for clients ranging from female executives and retired professionals to new moms. She currently is running her business, ilkastyle, in Santa Cruz. Tina especially enjoys helping clients find their fashion identity after lifestyle changes. She also donates her time each spring mentoring local middle and high school students who participate in FashionTeens Santa Cruz.

For 6 years Tina was the Designer Coordinator for FashionArt Santa Cruz. She brought her years of runway experience in San Francisco to the Santa Cruz Civic while discovering and supporting up and coming local fashion designers. In 2015 she founded Pivot: The Art of Fashion with Rose Sellery. Pivot brings art and fashion together with custom tailored events and innovative collaborations, this philanthropic endeavor actively seeks to promote and aid in the professional development of its participants, not only in Santa Cruz, but throughout northern California as well.


The primary focus of artist, Rose Sellery’s creative exploration has been forged around human dynamics. The fragility of the family, gender roles, social issues and the intricacies of our relationships to one another, afford her the opportunity to explore the mysteries of who we are and develop conceptual art garments, as well as narrative photomontage and sculpture.

Rose began her exploration of conceptual garments during a period of “dress up” events in San Francisco’s Castro district. She went on to become one of the driving forces behind FashionART Santa Cruz for nine years. In 2015, in partnership with Tina Brown, she created PiVot: The Art of Fashion. Rose has curated art exhibits and fashion events around California and has exhibited artwork both nationally and internationally, including the World of Wearable Art, in New Zealand and work currently on exhibit in The Hague in the Netherlands. She is the recipient numerous awards, one being the coveted Gail Rich Award. In addition to her conceptual art garments, photomontage and sculpture in her spare time Rose manages the Cabrillo College Gallery in Aptos, CA.